ING is a Tier 2 bank with a strong foothold in Europe and with global presence

In 2011 this Tier 2 bank with a strong foothold in Europe and with global presence approved a high level 5 year strategy for its Payments & Cash Management business. The strategy focused on a complete overhaul of the bank’s application landscape delivering the payments & channels products, centralization of functions supported by a Target Operating Model to cater to a multi-country client base.

This strategy needed to be translated into an implementation programme in order to execute and deliver the results promised by the strategy.

Execution & Result
Payments Advisory Group was first called into the Programme to iron out a number of ‘open ends’ within the designed strategy, which included architectural design discussions in the channel layer as well as in the back office application landscape. Simultaneously Payments Advisory Group facilitated in designing the execution programme organization & governance.

Once the Programme started Payments Advisory Group actively participated in managing the Programme with a focus on roadmap development (delivery & business roadmap, architecture roadmap and business case tracking).

The bank recognized the success of the Programme and extended the scope of the Payments Programme to other product lines within the bank, including Financial Markets, Lending and Trade Finance.

Payments Advisory Group continued to be actively involved in the execution and further development of the Programme. Our engagement ranged from strategic advise (e.g. revision of the commercial payments strategy “beyond SEPA”) to design and implementation of primary supporting processes such as Incident Management as part of the ambition to continuously improve the banks’ client experience.

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