Entrepreneurial senior business consultant. 15+ years experience in international business/payments domain. Founder and owner at Payments Advisory Group (2011).

Strategic thinker able to balance strategic vision and hands-on actions
Strong communication skills on all levels (operational to board level)
Experienced in line organization/management, consultancy and setting up and running own business
High cognitive skills, creative thinker looking for and able to find solutions to complex challenges
Able to lead and motivate (project-/program-/management-)teams
Excels in projects which are: new to the existing organization/staff, complex, challenging, strategically important (have an impact on the organization’s structure/business),
Customer focus

to enjoy what I do
to find out how deep the pools of hidden potential are within myself and the people I work with
to reach

Specialties: Business Development, proposition building, marketing, strategy, creating value adding partnerships, bid management, change management, positioning, customer focused projects