Consumers and business buyers increasingly use cards as their preferred payment method, so the choice of a good, trustworthy, electronic payments solution is very important.

When it comes to merchant services, there is an overwhelming amount of choice in the market leaving businesses facing an information overload. Which offer is actually the best for your business?

Payments Advisory Group offers independent and impartial advice to find you the best merchant services to suit your needs for both credit and debit cards, International and local schemes. For example by performing Merchant Service Audits, helping you as a merchant select the best suitable terminals or best online payments at competitive rates.

We also offer independent and impartial advice to find you the best card issuing solutions/programs, both commercial and technical, to suit your needs. Well known questions are: which card programs to offer your clients, consumers- businesses; what are your clients’ needs; and what will be your card issuing strategy?

Payments Advisory Group will provide you with innovative solutions and insights to better serve your customer needs and advice to help you realize stronger relationships with your customers, find Revenue-Enhancing Opportunities, improve backoffice efficiency, achieve Global Presence, worldwide acceptance, and a recognized brand, maintain security and safety, and manage your cards portfolio and cards acceptance systems.

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