Payment Systems and Services are at the core of every bank.

Consumers identify ‘their’ bank as the bank where they hold their current account, and which provided them with a debit card. Payment services are therefore at the center of services banks offer to their clients and payments are the foundation to build on to other products and services with Transaction Services, such as mortgages, lending, leasing and in some cases also Trade Finance and Financial Markets.
Regulation weighs heavy on most if not all banks which caused banks to look for ways to optimize its current infrastructure, whether this is by consolidating the current environment or by outsourcing to third-party providers.
Payment Advisory Group assists banks with these strategic questions (e.g. how to position my bank in the consolidating and open European payments environment) and with their implementation projects across the full Payments Infrastructure (from payment initiation via client channel(s) to back office systems and Clearing & Settlement and reporting back to the client).

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