Albert Czech Republic

Payments Advisory Group successfully completed the selection of a new payment service provider for the leading retailer in Czech Republic.

Through its 350+ retail locations across the Czech Republic, Albert acts as a strong market leader in Czech retail and processes millions card transactions every week. A cost efficient and reliable cards infrastructure is critical to Albert as payment cards represent a large and increasing share of the total yearly turnover.

Payments Advisory Group successfully ran the selection process and realized tangeable results within the agreed timeframe:

  • New contract with improved IT infrastructure and service levels
  • Total Contract Value: > €25M
  • Cost efficiency realized: ±7% against baseline

Lucian Villau, VP Finance & IT, CFO of Ahold Delhaize, Czech Republic stated: “We awarded the cooperation with Payments Advisory Group with a 10+ and we are looking forward to the next opportunity to work with Payments Advisory Group again.”

Read the full Use Case here


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