Shopping Tomorrow selects Payments Advisory Group to chair payments expert group to study sustainable payments.

Dutch leading digital commerce platform Shopping Tomorrow has selected Payments Advisory Group to chair the Payments expert group. Together with the group’s sponsor Worldline and selected industry experts, Payments Advisory Group will research the status of Sustainability in the Payments industry.

Key question will be whether the payments industry is part of the sustainability ‘problem’ and/or how the payments industry can be part of the sustainability ‘solution’.

The end report is expected to be published in September 2022.



ShoppingTomorrow is the digital commerce platform for all e-commerce professionals. We jointly explore, investigate and contribute to the transformation of B2C and B2B retail. What do future developments in the field of business models, customer journey and technology, for instance, mean for employees, companies and the Netherlands? The research platform was initiated by in 2013 and is now supported by over 20 Dutch industry and special interest groups.

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