Client introduction

In the Netherlands, following bank mergers and carve-outs, BNP Paribas has a relatively small footprint but the large potential to grow market share in the corporate segment. The group-wide offering in transaction banking and payment services serves as the starting proposition.

The challenge for BNP Paribas was to create a feasible medium-term plan; by prioritizing its initiatives for the approach to the Dutch market. Local demands should match the global offering and local offerings might be needed. On some aspects, notably on channels and local infrastructure connections, BNP Paribas did not have on-par offerings with the incumbent banks. Also with the SEPA Migration coming up at the time (early 2013), the window to target corporates was small. Payments Advisory Group was asked to create a high-level overview of market needs, product offering gaps, opportunities and advise on priorities for an effective market approach.

Proposed Solution
Payments Advisory Group proposed to conduct interviews with the client and create a report describing the requested market insights, options and priorities. Specifically, the needs of large corporates would be addressed as well as the infrastructural aspects.

Execution & Result
Payments Advisory Group prepared and set up the interviews based on their market knowledge and contacts. The interviews were carried out in a few days and the end-report was produced rapidly, within 2 weeks. It was well received and used by the client to strengthen the business plan including budget requirements and sales approach.

Quote from our client
Robert Mol, Sales Director:
“During the year, as we were setting up and executing parts of our market strategy, we went back a number of times to this report. It proved to be a highly useful marker and checklist for our programme execution planning. In the next phase, we will be happy to work again closely with the experts of Payments Advisory Group.”

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