Shurgard – Case study

Payments Advisory Group was contracted by Shurgard, the leading provider of storage solutions in Europe, to lead the optimisation effort of their incoming customer payments processes.

Shurgard is the largest owner and operator of self-storage facilities in Europe with 267 self-storage centers in: The Netherlands, France, Belgium, United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany and Denmark.

Shurgard Self Storage SA is a publicly listed company on Euronext Brussels (“Shurgard”, ticker symbol: SHUR) with a 2021 operating revenue of €300M.



Key drivers for this project were the optimisation of back office integrations and processes such as payouts, reconciliation and reporting, as well as front end improvements in customer onboarding and overall customer experience. Shurgard was looking to do this across its 7 European operational countries, across multiple currencies and across both the in-store as well as the e-commerce channel.


Based on Shurgard current situation, its business model and its current and future needs Payments Advisory Group designed a Target Blueprint for Shurgard’s future customer payments landscape, which also included an evaluation of payment products currently offered to Shurgard’s customers. After validating the blueprint with Shurgard and with payment solution providers in the market, a formal RFP process was started to select a single payment service provider, able to deliver the Shurgard target blueprint and act as the single payments partner to Shurgard group.

Payments Advisory Group successfully managed the entire selection process including:

  • Requirements gathering
  • Creation of RFP documentation
  • Selection criteria and weighted scoring model
  • Negotiations (commercial and legal terms)
  • Contracting


The following results were delivered within agreed timelines:

  • Selection and contracting of new, single payment service provider for all 7 Shurgard countries, across currencies and channels
  • Optimisation of incoming customer payments for Shurgard group, benefiting backoffice processes as well as customer onboarding and overall customer experience


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