Cash is still the most widely used payment instrument in the world and as such, it is of vital importance in our economy, in our businesses and in our daily lives. However, its use differs greatly across countries and in many countries electronic payments are taking an increasingly larger share of the total payment mix.

Payments Advisory Group has extensive experience having worked on assignments for various key stakeholders in this domain. In addition, has done and published extensive research on the use and organization of cash in various geographies since 2011. Most recently, in an assignment, Payments Advisory Group delivered the World Cash Report 2018 (free for download).

Payments Advisory Group provides advisory and implementation services on Cash to all stakeholders in the cash domain, including:
• Banks
• Retailers
• CIT (Cash in Transit) companies
• ATM providers
• Payment Communities, responsible for providing a reliable and efficient national cash infrastructure

Please contact us to learn more on how we can help you with your challenges in the Cash Payments domain.

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